Exchange Hacks Six Weeks On - What's Happening?  

By Cormac McCarthy | 5/7/21 2:43 AM | Business - News | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

If you read this blog you’ll know I’ve written about the Exchange Hacks a few weeks back. What’s interesting is the feedback we’ve got since. We are aware of many folks who were directly affected. We’ve heard through others of many more. Not too many people are posting flashing neon signs saying what happened to them publicly and probably understandably so. We’ve heard through third parties of large high profile public bodies moving (or planning to move) from Exchange to Domino for mail.

Microsoft Exchange's security is "Swiss-cheese"  

By Cormac McCarthy | 3/22/21 6:11 AM | Business - News | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

Wow! Microsoft have had a really bad start to 2021. What does that mean for its customers? What we do know is that if you’re using on-premise Microsoft Exchange servers and use Outlook Web Access (or OWA) , since at least early January 2021 until early March 2021 (or beyond if you hadn’t yet patched AND done a post-patch security audit of your network) there is a very good chance that your data has been exposed or worse that your Microsoft Exchange servers and/or your entire internal Microsoft Windows Server network is compromised.

Addressing ill informed opinions of HCL Domino  

By Cormac McCarthy | 2/22/21 4:12 AM | Business - News | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

Something that has been discussed with HCL Ambassadors, HCL and within Domino People on an ongoing basis is ill informed opinions of HCL Domino. Get the name right for a start.