All Essential Links for Everything Notes/Domino in One Place  

By David Hablewitz | 10/31/23 2:44 AM | Business - News | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

Here is a collection of links to everything you could possibly want for Domino and HCL Notes (#LotusNotes) I have many more links to add, so consider this a starting point and bookmark this one page for reference and return to it often.

New HCL Notes, Domino, & Connections content is back on Domino!  

By David Hablewitz | 5/15/20 4:32 PM | Business - News | Added by Oliver Busse

I’m thrilled to share that HCL has brought over important content from IBM that was hosted in Domino! Note these are .nsf databases. Yes, Domino databases. I have asked if they will open it up to anonymous access with Notes clients like they had been in the past. Meanwhile, this is another accomplishment in the process of HCL invigorating the proof of the product.

Should you stick with Notes, Domino, Connections, & Sametime now that HCL bought them from IBM?  

By David Hablewitz | 2/4/20 8:17 AM | Business - News | Added by Oliver Busse

(If you are a technical expert and you are not sharing this information with your business management as well as your IT management, then you are not doing your job.) Since HCL bought Notes, Domino, Sametime, Connections and several other products from IBM, many people are asking: "Now what?