Lotus Evangelist: SnTT - Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Something new at Openntf for ADMINS  

By Keith Brooks | 1/19/21 8:25 AM | Business - News | Added by Roberto Boccadoro

That's right, I resurrected Show n Tell Tuesday for this post because I can, it's my blog, and why wait for Thursday anyway? A few months ago, my friend Roberto had the luck to join the Openntf Board. If you don't know what Openntf is, click on the link and check it out. NOW! Openntf is THE place to go when you need a template for an HCL Domino or Notes application to help your company. It is also where you can go for tutorials on various development topics and all kinds of developer code snippets. Admittedly, few admins ever add to the site, because, well, historically there is not much for admins there and often what we see/know is proprietary to our clients and companies. This has been my perspective for many years. However, a new world, a new time, and progress is being made, thanks to Roberto.